About La Patate Lac-Saint-Jean

La Patate Lac-Saint-Jean has for mission to search and develop cultivars to sell quality potatoe seed to their customers. Sustainable development is part of the organisation values and the cooperative provide themselves with a mission and activities accomplisment policy.

Seed naturally exceptional

Located in Peribonka, three hours away from Quebec city, in the charming area of Lac-Saint-Jean, the farms that are part of our cooperative are situated within the seed protected zone of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.

Natural barrier of our area is a main assets for seed potatoe production. Our nordic climate bring potatoe seed higher vigor and yields that are unequalled. It’s by the way nicknamed Northern Vigor. Furthemore, our sector is protected by the crop health protection act of Ministre de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation du Québec. All those component allow to produce exceptionnal and incomparable quality seed.






Acres of potatoes



Millions of pounds of potatoes marketed



Varieties available

Enterprise history


Organisation creation

A group of agricultural growers of Lac-Saint-Jean decided to unite with the aim of market their table potatoes.


Paking center building

The cooperative now have their own necessary equipments that allow to pack in different wrapping and formats.


New certification

Members takes a major shift for their enterprise development : make thier production a certified potatoe seed.


We extend!

With the objective to be self-sufficient with their base seed, the cooperative built greenhouses and a laboratory.

Our Members

Our team

Through a team around a hundred people that have hand in the dough, we can stand out and shine like this.

The cooperative is managed throught a board of directors formed with a representative of each five members-farms in collaboration with an administrative team staff.

Management team

Annie Bouchard
Deputy director general
[email protected]

Antoine Bédard
Agronomy coordinator
[email protected]

Vicky Niquet
Table sales coordinator
[email protected]

Frédéric Tremblay

Bussiness development coordinator for seed
[email protected]

Administration & support team

Caroline Cantin
Administrative assistant
[email protected]

Maxime Tremblay
Assistant to agronomy
[email protected]

Louise Côté
[email protected]

Stéphane Fortin
[email protected]

Nathalie Boivin
Administrative assistant

Production team


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